My Lifetime Plan

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. – Albert Schweitzer

Yes, the plan is DO WHAT I REALLY LOVE. These things I love:

  • Reading. There are not enough words to express what I feel towards the mystical lands found in a good book.
  • Writing. My emotions and thoughts may get stuck, but there is no better remedy than to sit down and write it all out, not stopping, no limits and no filter. Writing is a freedom.
  • Learning something new. From school, a book, an article, a person off the street, maybe even from experience. To know is know nothing, and boy am I hungry for knowledge.
  • Programming. Programming is an art of creating something from starch. I can give birth to my ideas, materialize my thoughts and build solutions to real problems that will make other’s lives easier. But even better than the results, is the process. It’s difficult to find the right set of words to describe the magnificent journey of exploring a problem, working to understand each branch of it and then designing and creating a solid and reliable solution for it.

2020.05 - 2020.06 Plans

  1. Reading Discrete Mathematiocs and Its Application.
  2. Rading Concreate Mathemetics: A foundation for Computer Science, Second Edition.
  3. Reading Discrete Mathematiocs with Combinatorecis, Second Edition.
  5. Principles of Programming Languages
  6. Optional: Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design

2020 Annual Plans :

  • Agorithm
  • More programming language: Haskell, C++, golang, Lisp
  • Computer system, including distributed systems.